Photography to me has always been something special, but something I never saw myself doing it as a profession. I have always wished that moment could be captured by the blink of an eye, but unfortunately – you cannot capture a moment that way. Photography to me is being able to capture moments the way they are, messy or clean, to be able to create memories not only for your mind but to make into a book, to post on social media, to gift as a present, to put on your wall or any way you creatively feel. 

Every time I am asked to book a session I am honoured, honoured to create new memories with people. To learn about them and their families or their journeys and to be able to give them some forever photos of these times of their lives for them to look back on.

I remember going to the camera shop as a kid with my grandma and getting the film developed and hoping they turned out ok. I love that we can take photos these days and create the same moments but know that you are going to get at-least 100  pictures you can treasure for a life time

Based in the Sutherland Shire of Sydney – Specialising in Birth, Maternity, Newborn and Family Photography.